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ETD directors Barbara Wynn & Anne Borrowdale


Exam Team Development is a social enterprise which trains and supports exam centre staff in UK schools, colleges and training organisations, so that they can deliver the best possible exam experience for their students.

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April 2017

Good news! You can now access ETD invigilator training online. Our Starting Invigilation course is aimed at new invigilators, and is available as a nimbl course from Pearson Publishing. It’s a low-cost, effective way for exam officers to get new invigilators up to speed, with plenty of activities, videos and quizzes. What’s more, nimbl lets you track progress so you know that the course has been completed.

Enrol now to take advantage of Pearson Publishing’s special introductory offer.

*Note, Pearson Publishing are unconnected with the Awarding Body Pearsons

December 2016

Our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all those involved in delivering exams.

Just to let you know: ETD will have limited availability during the first half of 2017. We welcome enquiries, but will give priority to centres where we have previously run training and to those within 50 miles of Oxford.

September 2016

We’ve just produced our checklist of the key changes for invigilators in the 2016-2017 ICE booklet. Our newsletter subscribers can download this free resource to use with invigilation teams – subscribe now via the sidebar.

June 2016ofqual poster 1

Our invigilator training always stresses the importance of reporting malpractice promptly, including the need to “whistleblow” in the rare case that a centre doesn’t respond to allegations correctly.

It’s good to see Ofqual highlighting whistleblowing procedures with their  campaign reminding teachers, schools, parents and students about the importance of reporting any evidence or suspicions of cheating, malpractice or exam fraud.

March 2016

ETD had a busy January and February running our latest centre-based training courses around the UK.

For centres running exams under JCQ regulations, we’ve developed new modules on invigilating candidates with access arrangements. These can be included in our Active Invigilator Training package, or run as a stand-alone session. Either way, we ensure that those supporting exam candidates with access arrangements fully understand the rules on invigilation.

And our new range of stimulating, interactive exercises makes sure our training sessions are enjoyable as well as ticking all those JCQ boxes!

November 2015

If you run exams under JCQ regulations, you’ll know that invigilators “must” be properly trained. Did you know that JCQ inspectors are likely to check what training invigilators have had?

Invigilators who attend our sessions can get certificates showing they’ve done top-quality training with ETD. We work with anyone who runs exams, from schools and colleges to commercial organisations, the Examination Officers’ Association‘s recommended invigilation training partner.

“We would like to thank you for your fantastic training today, we know that everyone found it really beneficial and enjoyed the training.”  Audenshaw School

And why not join the growing numbers taking nationally-recognised invigilation qualifications with the EOA/IQ Invigilation Awards?

September 2015

It’s Autumn, a time when many Exam Officers in schools and colleges get their invigilators together for training. It’s a chance to look back on how things went in the summer and to update invigilators on changes in the 2015-2016 ICE booklet. (Get a free copy of our short guide to the top ten changes affecting invigilation by subscribing to our newsletter)

But don’t forget to ask what nearly went wrong as well. Because as we say in our latest blog on exam room near-misses, reviewing what almost went wrong, but didn’t, helps stop problems developing down the line.

July 2015

We’ve been going through the 2015-2016 ICE booklet, and welcome the extra emphasis the Joint Council for Qualifications places on invigilator training. Centres now “must“, rather than “should”:

  • train new invigilators
  • update the existing invigilation team
  • train those invigilating candidates with access arrangements
  • make sure that invigilators know what is expected of them

ETD helps centres to be compliant through training exam teams in an effective, informative and enjoyable way. Contact us today to see how we can help.

We are currently preparing our annual “crib-sheet”, which summarises the points in the new ICE booklet which are most relevant for invigilation. This will go out to our newsletter subscribers shortly, so sign up via the sidebar to get your copy.

May 2015

“Really helpful”,  “inspiring”,  “great fun”,  “first-class”,   “well-prepared”

ETD SA 2015 BW

Barbara supervises an activity at the Exam Fraud Summit

Just some of the comments from participants in training sessions we’ve run over during the last couple of months. We enjoyed taking our Enhanced Training package to centres where we’d previously run our Active Training, and working with experienced invigilators to build on their existing high standards.

We’ve already started feeding new material from Barbara’s workshop at the Examination Fraud Summit in Johannesburg into our training presentations and activities.

April 2015

Greetings to participants at the 3rd Annual Combatting Education Irregularities and Examination Fraud Summit in Johannesburg, where Barbara is running a workshop.

Elsewhere this month, we’ve been busy running invigilation training for a vExamination summit Johannesburg April 2014 001ariety of schools and colleges as they gear up for exam season. Increasingly, ETD also works with companies and organisations which deliver work-based tests or professional exams. We help them ensure the highest standards of invigilation, so that their assessments are high-quality and robust.

As our colleagues in Africa say, “Examination invigilators determine the quality of the assessment”. Or as we like to put it, “An exam is only as secure as the person invigilating it”.

News items prior to April 2015 have been archived.

ETD is grateful for the continuing support of registered charity the Examination Officers’ Association, and offer special discounts to EOA members.

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