Under orders

Inspired by finding the following notice pinned up in the guardhouse of Pendennis Castle, ETD has done a quick re-write for anyone wanting snappy, retro-styled invigilator training solutions: simply bark our version out in an appropriately stern voice!

For a more up-to-date training resource, share this page with invigilators and ask them to come up with the 9 essential orders they think invigilators should be given. While there’s some fun to be had with this, it is also a way to help invigilators think about their key duties as individuals and as a team.

Orders for the Invigilators

To be read to all Invigilators upon mounting Guard

1. You will take charge of all unauthorised property within sight of your post.

2. You will not quit your post on any pretext until relieved by the Examination Officer or Head of Centre

3. You will pay appropriate compliments to all examination officers who pass your post.

4. You will not converse with any person except upon a point of duty.

5. If posted on the Main Door, you will allow no person other than a teacher or invigilator known to you to be a member of the School, to enter the room other than by reporting to the Exam Office.

6. If posted in the Exam Office, you will ensure that no person, other than a teacher or invigilator known to you to be a member of the School, enters the Office without first reporting to School Reception.

7. After the Exam has been started and the Main Door closed, you will challenge all persons approaching you and will not permit them to pass further until their identity has been established.

8. Upon taking up your post you will be issued with five sets of examination papers. You will only distribute these upon direct orders from the Examination Officer, Head of Centre, or Senior Invigilator. You will hand over the papers to the Examination Officer or Head of Centre at the end of your period on post.

9. Upon any alarm or commotion, you will be vigilant and await the orders of the Examination Officer. You will challenge any person approaching your post, and, if not satisfied as to their identity, detain them.

By Order of the Examinations Officer


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