What’s new in ICE 2014-2015?

We’ve been studying the new JCQ Instructions for Conducting Examinations booklet to see what changes will particularly affect invigilation. The top three we’ve picked out are:

  1. There no longer has to be a copy of the ICE booklet in all exam rooms, only in the main room
  2. The No Mobile Phones notice has been revised, and now carries the wording “No potential technological/web enabled sources of information such as an iPod, a mobile phone, a MP3/4 player or a wrist watch which has a data storage device.”
  3. Before opening packets of question papers, an additional member of staff should check the time, date and paper details. [11.1]

Other points highlighted in the booklet, including for changes in wording:

  • Papers taken from the main question paper packet for additional rooms must be taken to these rooms in sealed envelopes and the original packet resealed before being returned to secure storage [1.9]
  • No use of JCQ surplus stationery for controlled assessments, internal school tests and mock exams [1.2]
  • Candidates must not write inappropriate, obscene or offensive material [2.7]
  • There are some changes to invigilation for candidates with Access Arrangements. In particular, an invigilator may also act as a scribe, prompter and reader where a candidate is accommodated separately [Sections 7 & 8]

There are a number of other changes tightening up the regulations in Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments 2014-2015. For example, application of extra time for candidates using a bilingual dictionary will now only be in “rare and exceptional circumstances”.


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