Barbara Wynn‘s work in education extends over 40 years: from social priority schools in inner London to 14 years as a headteacher in West Berkshire. Since her retirement she has been involved in a wide range of consultancy work in education and industry at  home and abroad, with a particular focus on restorative approaches, behaviour management and leadership.


Anne Borrowdale is a Lead Invigilator who has regularly invigilated exams since 2005. Her experience ranges from large comprehensive schools to international schools and supervising Qualified Lawyers Transfer Tests. She has extensive experience as a speaker and trainer, and a background in personal coaching and work consultancy.


We know from experience that there’s much more to delivering examinations than ensuring all the regulations are kept and that the right papers end up in front of the right candidate. Exam centre staff are also constantly dealing with people, whether that’s managing candidates in the exam hall while maintaining “exam conditions”, or creating an effective invigilation team.

That’s why we founded independent social enterprise Exam Team Development in 2010, with a mission to train and support exam centre staff in invigilation skills and people management. Over the last seven years, we have run innovative, engaging invigilation training in centres around the country and as far away as South Africa.

Anne is now retiring from invigilating and training, but is working with Barbara and Pearson Publishing to create online courses based on ETD training sessions.

Barbara continues to have some availability for face-to-face training sessions and consultancy. Contact her direct at barbara.wynn01@gmail.com or phone 07786 994866.