Enhanced Invigilation Skills

Do you need fresh training ideas for a team of experienced invigilators?

Our NEW Enhanced Invigilation Skills Training provides high-quality, stimulating, innovative training which builds on your invigilators’ existing skills, enabling them to be even more effective.

This training is ideal for experienced and senior invigilators who want to move onto the next level, and as a follow-up for teams who have previously attended ETD Training.

As with all our Active Training, we adapt the session to your requirements, but a typical Enhanced Invigilation Skills Training session includes:

An unusual exam room visitor

“Excuse me, sir, could I see your identification?

  • The role of the lone/lead invigilator
  • Risk assessment & emergencies
  • Managing the exam environment inside & outside the room
  • Managing exam room visitors (teachers, inspectors)
  • Paperwork and paper security
  • “Up-front” in the exam room
  • Starting and finishing exams
  • Malpractice case studies
  • Perception
  • Rules quiz (new questions)
  • Exams and Social Media
  • Dealing with candidates: the ladder of intervention revisited
  • Consistency and teamwork
  • Mentoring new invigilators

Training sessions last up to 3 hours and are normally hosted by the centre. The cost is from £295*. We also ask for reasonable travel costs based on HMRC mileage rates or public transport. We may be able to offer a further reduction for very small exam teams.

* These prices are based on 20 participants. An additional fee applies for larger groups.