Online courses

ETD has published two interactive, multi-media online invigilator training courses on Pearson Publishing’s* Nimbl CPD platform. Based on our innovative invigilator training sessions, these are low-cost, effective training resources for exam officers, with plenty of activities, videos and quizzes to keep invigilators engaged. What’s more, Nimbl lets you track progress so that you know the course has been completed.

Starting Invigilation covers the basics for new invigilators and makes an excellent refresher course for existing invigilators.

Stop Cheat helps invigilators spot, deal with and prevent cheating in all kinds of exams, and offers a fresh approach for new and experienced invigilators alike.

Contact Pearson Publishing to access these courses.

*Pearson Publishing is an independent company, not related in any way to Pearson Education or Pearson PLC.