Workplace invigilation

Are you an industry or organisation which runs exams?

Professional or workplace-based exams are often invigilated by trainers or other staff. That means it’s essential for them to understand exactly what’s involved in invigilation.

ETD’s invigilator training for those invigilating professional or industry qualifications focuses not simply on exam rules and procedures, but on the invigilator’s role in ensuring that the qualifications have integrity.

This doesn’t only benefit candidates, training centres and Awarding Bodies. It reassures employers and the general public that those passing tests or exams are properly qualified.

ETD has provided training to government departments, the security industry and independent training providers. We’ve also contributed to conferences on combatting exam fraud in southern Africa in both 2014 and 2015.

We will adapt our programme to your specific Awarding Body regulations and cover invigilation for both online and paper-based tests. A Certificate of Training from ETD shows that staff have received high-quality professional invigilation training to equip them for their role.

A typical programme lasts 2¾ hours (including a brief break) and uses both input and practical exercises to examine topics such as:

  • The role of invigilators in the wider context
  • Malpractice: definitions & consequences
  • Pre-exam preparation including room set-up & ID checks
  • Responding to candidate issues before the exam, including Access Arrangements
  • Starting exams
  • Identifying unauthorised items
  • Spotting & dealing with malpractice: vigilance & observation
  • Dealing with candidate queries
  • What could possibly go wrong? Emergencies and risk-assessment
  • Recording & reporting incidents
  • Finishing exams

The cost for a group of up to 20 participants starts at £360 plus reasonable travel costs. (Our lowest rate is for non-profit organisations)

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